12/25/2011- Merry Christmas!! We are excited today as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord”  I’m glad Jesus came to where we were so that we might know HIM and the forgiveness of sins.  What a joy it is to celebrate His virgin birth in the house of the Lord today!! For HE is the reason for the season.  It has been a wonderful year in the the Lord for us at the Pilgrims Way, we are excited and thrilled about what the future holds.  May we ever look to Him for direction & truth in these uncertian but wonderful days!! May God Bless You, Pastor Wayne Stafford

6/7/2011- Thanks be unto God who daily loadeth us with benefits.  Today marks our 5th yr anniversary of our church.  We are excited and thrilled to be able to see the hand of God working on us & through us as we strive to please Him.  God has been good, is good, & will be good to us in the future. Thank God for a good homecoming service, Bro John Lancaster and his family were our honored guests. They were truly a blesssing & the Lord used them in a mighty way.  There were several hearts that were rekindled for the Lord during the service & a prodical son who came home!!!  GLORY!!  Pray for us as we try to preach the word of God during these days.  Bro Wayne

3/24/2011- AMEN, AMEN! Last night at the mid week service I got tell about the prison revival & preach on Submitting Ourselves Unto the LORD! Thank the Lord a 16yr old girl that is with some foster parents in our church got BORN AGAIN!! In her testimony she said “she never had someone love me after I make a mistake” I told this weeping teenager that the GOD of Heaven will always love you no matter what, HE will not love the sin we committ, but HAS & WILL ALWAYS LOVE THE SINNER & SAINT!! I know that’s right, I’m glad praise God that we can & do love Him, BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED US, 1 John 4:19. GOD is stirring around our place and for that I’m grateful. Keep praying & seeking GOD, Pastor Wayne

3/23/2011- Praise the Lord His saving power. This week we were able to go into the Mt View Correctional facility in Avery Co. with the guys from Rock of Ages prison ministry. After 3 wonderful services at night and soul winning out on the yard each day, 8 precious souls were saved by the grace of God!! One man in particuluar stated that all his mother could say when she passed away in Jan ’11 is that she was going to heaven and if he didn’t get his life in order & be saved that she’d never see him again. Well on Monday night he met the Master, with tears streaming & snot falling he asked “will I see mom again?” with a smile on our response was you will! We gave him a KJV Bible and a hug, I’ve never seen someone so happy to get a Bible. I appreciate getting to go into that environment to spread the Gospel of JESUS Christ because I was headed down that path before I made Christ Lord of my Life. Praise HIS NAME!! Please pray for these men, that they would GROW in the GRACE & KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH OF JESUS CHRIST!! Pastor Wayne

3/14/2011- Thank the Lord for His Goodness toward us in these precious days.  We have been busy lately and sorry we haven’t given you an update. God is helping us during these days at the church, there has been some saved and some haved joined the church, what a blessing!!  I’m still amazed at the hand of God.  Friends are you saved today, if not will you trust Him as Saviour, Lord, & Master today?  Not everyone that says the right thing, or attends church are saved, Jesus said that there are those that profess that they know God, but in there works deny him, and that with their lips honor Him, but their heart is far from Him.  I know today I’m Saved, do you?  You can be today!! Until next time pray for us and thank you for visiting our website…Pastor Wayne

1/31/2011- WOW what a time we had yesterday in the house of the Lord.  The Lord meet with us in power and glory.  We praise Him for saving a teenage boy named Jacob in last nights service.  What a joy to see someone accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and King!!  I preached last night on “Standing Before God” out of Rom.14:12, dear friend we will ALL stand before the GOD of this universe one day.  How will you stand that day, as one who is Saved or as a Sinner?  I can’t wait until Wednesday, its going to be good!  Come visit us if you’re without a church family or new to our area! May God Bless You…Pastor Wayne

1/1/2011- Just wanted to say Happy New Year & may God bless and keep you in the center of  His will throughout 2011.  Bless the Lord!  Pastor Wayne

11/8/2010- Thank God for the meetings yesterday at the house of God.  There were two precious souls saved by the Grace of God.  The Lord saved two young ladies a 21 yr old & 15 yr old, Bless His Holy Name.  We had a time!!  Also we were able to help out  Bro Rick Hurley of the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry this weekend in a prison revival in Marion, NC.  There were two men saved there as well…who says God isn’t saving sinners anymore?? THANK GOD JESUS IS STILL ON THE THRONE & ABLE TO SAVE UNTO THE UTTERMOST!!!  I think I’ll just keep on preaching this ol’ KJV and loving on Jesus until HE COMES!!  Brethren Pray for us as we will help out again this week in prison revival in Avery/Mitchell Co.  Pray GOD would meet with us in a Mighty Way!!  Bro Wayne

10/28/2010- Wow what a message and help to me & the church family last night. Dr Bagwell preached on “praying for your pastor” what a thought of encouragement. Thank God for a church family that prays for their pastor. I am grateful that my church family does and is praying for me. There love for me is amazing and I’m priviledged to Pastor such a wonderful group of saints!! You can listen to all of the messages by Bro Bagwell by going to our “Sermons” section. Keep praying for your Pastor, you need to practice & he needs the prayers!!!!
God Bless You, Pastor Wayne

10/27/2010- The man of God preached last night!!!   Psalm 150 “Praise ye the Lord”  I have never heard a message quite like that one, truly a Dr. Bagwell got to have.  The house of God was again packed out with about 175 people in attendance.  The Holly Springs Baptist Church Youth Choir did some mighty fine singing and blessed our hearts.  Also one of our young preachers in the church Brother Cody Hill has surrendered to mission fields of Eastern Ky!!!!  GLORY HALLELUHIA!!! I can’t wait to get there tonight.  Please pray for the meeting as we await HIS direction.  Love you all in Christ MY LORD… Bro Wayne

10/26/2010- Wow what a message by Dr. Mike Bagwell  “Benefits of the Word of God” out of Ps 97.  There was a packed house and we had to set out chairs.   The Far City Boys sang for us and blessed our hearts, they’re a Blessing.  But Most of all there was a young lady who gave her life to Jesus last night, what a honor to see!!!!  Please pray for the meeting as we continue this week….Come if you can. Pastor Wayne

10/24/2010- The Kentucky Mission trip was a huge success!!  There were 30 of our church family who went with and many of them had never been on a mission trip.  All of us were revived and stirred up for the Glory of God.  The church family at Jacks Creek BC in Ky were so blessed that we came and helped them physically & most of all spiritually.  Pastor Paul Grainger was so gracious to us and allowed us full use of there facility, What a Blessing.  Many that we witnessed to are lost and are in need of Jesus, please pray for that community that God would continue to stir & save the lost.  Thank God for all that was done during the last 3 days, we will be going back!!!  Our church family has been stirred & revived….and we are starting Revival tonight at PWBC!!  Glory to HIS name..Bro Wayne

8/16/2010- Well thank God for the Word of God it is forever settled in Heaven.  Yesterday the Lord allowed us the opportuntity to preach out of Jude 20-25 on “Pulled from the Fire”  With the Holy Ghost leading the way the alter was full of folk getting help from the Lord.  Praise God on March 30, 1997 I got resuced from the FIRE!!  Then in November of 2002, GOD called me to be a Rescuer for those still in the FIRE. PRAISE HIS GLORIOUS NAME!!!  Pastor Wayne

7/18/2010- Today is my wife & I 12yr anniversary.  Thank God for a good GODLY WIFE.  Kara is a blessing to me & our ever growing family.  Johannah is almost 3mths old and is truly a blessing & growing. Savannah (7) & Elijah (5) really love having a little sister around & are learning how to help out some.  Just thought I would share a little personal thought today..GOD’S BEEN GOOD IN MY LIFE, I’VE BEEN BLESSED BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS…Bless His Name.  Also, concerning the church we had a good service this morning as I preached on the family…also we will have a baptism tonight at 6pm and I will get the priviledge to baptize 7 tonight. Pastor Wayne

7/11/2010- Wow we had a good service today here in the house of God. There were 2 saved and 1 who got assurance of her salvation.  The Lord IS still on the throne, GLORY TO HIS DEAR NAME!!!!  We also welcome Justin & Amanda Conner into the church as they came forward to join the church family here at Pilgrims Way Baptist Church.  Pastor Wayne

6/27/2010- We had a good week at Youth Camp this past week.  We had 20 campers go this year!  What a blessing it was to be around other young people who love the Lord Jesus Christ.  Bro Jay Shuler preached each night to the campers and many were touched and helped during the week.  Glory!  Next week will be another busy week at the Taylorsville Baptist Campmeeting.  I’m looking forward to God showing up and helping HIS people.  Thank God for a few wells along this journey home that the pilgrims of God can drink from, Amen!  Until He Comes Keep Praying for Us, Pastor Wayne

6/7/2010- Thank God for the past Four Years of Serving HIM at Pilgrims Way Baptist Church!! 

6/3/2010- WOW what a busy month of May here at the church!!  Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift.  There were some “church milestones” that took place during May and we are very grateful to be a part of those milestones.  The church voted to increase our pay enough to allow me to quit my secular job, GLORY TO GOD I am so unworthy of such an honor.  Also, the church voted to buy about 4 acres of land that adjoins our property PRAISE HIS NAME!!  Money has been coming in from God’s people who have a vision for PWBC and its future.  It’s such a blessing to see God’s hand at work in the lives of His dear people.  Would you continue to pray for God to Help us and lead us each step of the way and give direction during these days.  Also, We got our new church sign put up in front of the church, I will post pictures of it soon.  We are excited to celebrate our 4th year of PWBC this coming Sunday June 6th …GLORY!!!   June is looking good already.   May GOD Bless You & Keep Looking to Jesus,   Pastor Wayne

5/1/2010- GLORY!! Their were two precious souls saved during tent meeting.  I say Bless the Lord!!  It was well worth all the work and effort put into setting up, maintaining, and taking down the tent.  Bro Randy Bane preached some wonderful messages this week that really challanged & stirred our hearts for the Lord. I am so glad GOD saves old sinners!!  Pray for us…Bro Wayne

4/29/2010- “Children are an hertiage unto the Lord” GOD has blessed my family with the birth of our 3rd child today!!  We are honored to have Johannah Tinsley Stafford as part of our home.  May the Lord help me train my babies up in the nuture and admonishion of the Lord & for HIS GLORY.  Thank God & What a Miracle our Eyes have witnessed in these days!!  Pastor Wayne

4/26/2010- Thank God it’s Tent Meeting time!!  Tonight there were approx. 200 people under the old gospel tent. God moved in the singing service PWBC choir sang I’m Glad I Got Lost & Gonna Stand By Me, thank God for a good Holy Ghost singing.  Then 2 children sang “Jesus is all I Need” wow what a blessing.  The PWBC Youth Choir then sang “I Stand Redeemed” glory to God for them. Bro Randy Bane preached a powerful opening night message on John 6: 5-14 called “Utter Dependance”  about the little lad who gave his lunch unto the Lord.  I’m glad that little is much when God is in it!  There were several in the alter & a couple raised there hand saying they were lost and needed to be saved.  Please pray for the meeting that GOD would continued to bless & have HIS way in our hearts & SEND REVIVAL to our community & churches!! Bro Wayne

4/12/2010- Well GLORY TO THE LAMB!! We had two precious souls saved by the grace of God in the services yesterday!! GLORY TO GOD!!  There was a strong moving of GOD is so much that we didn’t leave church until 2:15pm, & nobody left early!!!!!!!  It always makes a difference when the Holy Ghost shows up.  Also, On Wednesday night one of our young men Hunter Park, also surrendered the call to preach the Gospel.  What a Blessing!  That makes 6 preachers other than myself that have surrendered the call in last few years & months.  Wow….GOD IS MOVING!!  We can’t wait for REVIVAL, because GOD IS ALREADY MOVING & SENDING IT!!  There were 50 who met to pray on Saturday morning for revival….Draw nigh unto God and HE will Draw nigh unto you!!!  IT’S TRUE, HE WILL IF WE WILL!!!  Keep on keeping on for JESUS…..Pastor Wayne

4/04/2010-  HE LIVES! HE LIVES! CHRIST JESUS LIVES TODAY! We had a wonderful meeting in the House of the Lord today.  The Lord was in the house & His house was full.  We had 104 for Sunday School & probably 10 came in for the preaching service what a blessing.  God has been filling his house lately and we’re eternally grateful (Heb. 10:25) it’s such a blessing to see God move.  I’m GLAD TO BE SAVED, AMEN!!   Pray for our upcoming revival. God Bless, Pastor Wayne


3/22/2010- I say GLORY to GOD!! Worthy is HIS name. We thank God for the Holy Ghost coming by our way yesterday in the house of the Lord.  I didn’t get to preach in either service, but the big preacher did!!  I like it when HE shows up in the midst of His people & works in lives and hearts. It’s a blessing to know that He’s mine & I’m His, if you’ll just ponder on that for just a little bit it will help you in this way.  Last night in the men’s prayer room 6:45, the sweet lamb of God pulled us off to the side & let the breeze from out of yonders country flood our souls for almost an hour!! Thank GOD for some men who came to get in touch with the great I AM!!  Even the folks in the auditorium were getting help, we had meeting!  My, My, My, What a Joy to serve my Jesus!     Pastor Wayne

3/8/2010-  Bro Cody Hill the 16yr old preached yesterday in the house of God. He preached with the annointing of God upon him (which makes all the difference).  It was a special day in the house of the Lord.  Unfortunately there were folks there that recognized they were living in sin, however wouldn’t make a move toward God with a repentance!!  Please pray for them, and may the GOD of salvation give them another chance to repent.  May God Bless You, Bro Wayne

3/1/2010- It’s Been Worth Every Mile, thanks be to God for the recent trip to Kentucky this past weekend. God Gloriously saved a drug addicted, abusive, mother by the good grace of God. Please continue to pray for this outreach ministry to Wheelwright, KY. Truly the harvest is plentiful, if sown in Jesus name! Also this past Wednesday night we had a young man, Cody Hill (16), surrendered the call to preach the gospel. GLORY, GLORY what a blessing to be a part of the family of God. God Bless, Bro Wayne.

2/22/2010-Thank God for the House of God!! What a joy to serve the Lord Jesus Christ & nothing could be better. We have been blessed by HIS mighty hand in touching the sick, saving the lost, and comforting His people. Thank God for a great time a our first couples retreat this past weekend. There were 7 couples from the church who attended and GOD moved in a mighty way. Couples were encouraged in the faith and in each other. Also we thank God for the two families that joined our church yesterday, the McDaniels & the Wildingbergs! I’m sure they will be a great asset to our great church family. Keep looking to Jesus, He has more than enough!! Pray for Us & God Bless, Pastor Wayne

2/14/2010- Wow what a busy day! What a blessing to have Evangelist Randy Bane with us this morning during the Sunday School and preaching hours today. Bro. Bane used the S.S. hour to share his burden God has placed on his heart for a lost and dying world. Bro Bane then in the worship hour preached on the Great Commission! The church was moved by his ministry and it showed in the bountiful love offering given to him, Praise God for a giving church.
Also, tonight we had ordination service for our new deacons, Mike Melton & Lee Oakes. These two men have proven qualifed to serve in the office of a deacon. They love me, their church and most of all the Lord Jesus Christ. I appreciate Pastor Josh Calvert of the Big Meadows Baptist Church of Newland, NC in assisting with the service. A supper was given tonight for this special time in our church life. Glory to HIS name, Pastor Wayne

1/5/2010- I spoke with Bro Keith Sizemore of Oak Grove B.C. and he started revival meeting last night with Evangelist Randy Bane.  The service starts at 7pm and he invites all to attend.  The church is located off Hwy 25 in Hendersonville, call 828-674-5260 FMI.  Pray for revival that GOD would revive us again and that we’d not get in the luggg Spiritually now that the Holidays are over.  It’s time to GET ON FIRE FOR JESUS!  See you there..Bro Wayne

1/3/2010- Thank the Lord for a good day & night in the house of God today. His presence was real &  HE helped his people during the meeting.  I preached on “Fishing for men in 2010” may God help us to be “fishers of men” for HIS GLORY.  Tonight we also voted in our first 2 deacons into our church, Lee Oakes & Mike Melton.  These men have been an assest to the church since the beginning & will be a greater help to me and the church in this role.  Pray for these men that they would be the servant of GOD that they can be.    Pastor Wayne Stafford

12/31/2009- Great is the LORD & greatly to be praised.  Hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas &  blessed New Year! God was GREAT in 2009, I personally seen more people saved in 2009 than I ever have before.  I say GLORY TO HIS NAME!!  He is faithful.  May GOD Bless You,  & Keep Loving on Jesus!   Pastor Wayne

11/19/2009- Thank God for REVIVAL!  Their were 14 souls saved since the beginning of revival GLORY TO GOD. Please pray for these precious souls that GOD would help them during these days.  I appreciate the preaching from Pastor Chris Norris from Fair Haven BC in Hendersonville, NC. He preached with the anointing of GOD on him. Pray that GOD would continue to meet with us, and not let the FIRE GO OUT!!!  Pastor Wayne

11/9/2009 KY MISSION TRIP UPDATE- Thanks to all who prayed and help out to make our first trip to Wheelwright, KY a successful one.  The Lord helped us preach, witness door to door, and give out over two big enclosed trailers full of coats, blankets, socks, and other items to those in need.  GOD moved in a mighty way & there were 6 souls saved and many, many, encouraged in the faith. To GOD be the GLORY! Please pray for those folk in that area they are in real need, SPIRITUALLY & FINANCIALLY.  We are planning another trip before Christmas if you’d like to help please let me know.  

10/5/2009- Thanks be to God, which giveth us the VICTORY through our Lord Jesus Christ!!  I appreciate Missianary Bro Brian Coates of Anchor Baptist Missions coming this morning to preach on that text this past Lords day.  He did a wonderful job & God touched us.  Also, at last nights service we placed our first deacons under watchcare, what a blessing these men are to church.  Please pray for God to continue to bless & move among His people here at Pilgrims Way.  Pray for our lost loved ones as we’d love to see them accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and for our upcoming REVIVAL!!   Until HE Comes Again, Bro Wayne 

9/28/2009- Blessed be the name of the Lord!  I’m thrilled to tell you that another soul has been saved by the GRACE OF GOD!  Please pray for this former Marine as he begins his new life in CHRIST.  God did some amazing things in HIS house yesterday, words cannot describe.  GOD IS GOOD!!!  ALL THE TIME!!!    Pray for REVIVAL we are in need in our country, community, & church!!  God Bless You, Pastor Wayne

9/14/2009- We had a great time in the house of the Lord yesterday.  We had the Far City boys at the church and the Lord blessed during the singing.  Then we had 2 married couples join the church yesterday morning.  God has been so good to us and I praise HIS Holy name.  Also yesterday afternoon we had a baptism for 4 wonderful people GOD has done a work in their lives.  Truly I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the House of the Lord.  Pastor Wayne

9/11/2009- I have not forgotten “GOD BLESS THE USA”.  May the Lord continue to bless our great country. Pastor Wayne


8/10/09- We made it home from Costa Rica!!  Thank God for America!  God really moved in hearts and lives were changed while in on the mission trip.  Several precious souls were saved and many made moves toward the things of GOD.  Please pray for the fine families we stayed with, they are good Christians and have a burden for their communities & their country.  God gave us great liberty in preaching the gospel, even with an interpreter GLORY!!  Our men from the church that went I believe will never be the same.  For more on the trip log on to our mission blog it will be a blessing I’m sure.  Until He Comes, Pastor Wayne

7/22/09-  Glory to the wonderful name of JESUS!  HE is so good to us, Amen.  The Lord has graciously saved 2 people the past serveral weeks at the church!! A man got saved one Sunday night and his mom got saved the next Sunday night at an old fashion baptism down on the river banks, I say BLESS HIS NAME!!!  That same evening I baptized him and his mother that had just gotten saved!!  There were (23) baptized in all, 17 from our church and the rest from New Freedom B.C. were Bro Jimmy Cox was their pastor.  What a Glorious time we had, there were approximately 260 people in attendance (look at pictures) & Bro Jay Shuler preached.  Several left under Holy Ghost conviction so please pray for them that God would save.  Pray for our Mission Trip coming up to Costa Rica the first week in August.  Bro Wayne

7/7/09- WOW what a blessing it was to be at the 2nd week of the Taylorsville Baptist Campmeeting this past week.  It was an honor and a blessing to be at that OASIS during these perilous times we living in. May God Bless that Campmeeting and all those involved for making it possible for us to enjoy!! Bro Wayne

7/1/09-  Thank God for meeting with us tonight in the house of God.  Though the number of people was off a little, the Lord didn’t fail to take the night off.  I appreciate Him helping us preach on JOY, and how we as God’s people need it during this pilgrimage home.   I have been able to go to the Taylorsville Campmeeting this week and will be going back tomorrow good Lord willing.  Thank the Lord for a few Fountains we can drink of during these last days.  GOD has really been blessing this week and helping HIS people, GLORY TO GOD!  Until He Comes, Bro Wayne

6/8/09- What a blessing it was for us a Pilgrims Way yesterday to celebrate our 3 year anniversary!  God has been good to us and we are eternally grateful unto Him.  The sweet Holy Spirit was moving in our midst in a powerful way.  The choir singing was precious and God began convicting hearts of sinners and they started piling in the alter.  God reached down and pulled 4 precious souls out of the pits of the damned.  One was a precious mother whose young daughter had been burdened for her for a long time.  I say GLORY TO THE LAMB OF GOD!!!  Please pray for those who were saved, another was a US Marine, headed to Iraq in a few months, they all desire your prayers.  Please continue to visit pray and visit our sight as often as the Lord leads.  Your Brother in Christ, Pastor Wayne

6/5/09- Thank the Lord for His Holy Presence during these last days!  God has blessing the last 2 weeks during the Tent Meeting that Bro Ralph Sexton Jr has good set up in Marion, NC. The last two nights Bro Ralph has not even got to preach because the sweet Holy Spirit has been moving in a mighty way.  So far there has been over 25 people saved, GLORY TO GOD!! There has been a full house every night with approximately 1200 people each service rain or shine.  Please pray as the revival is going over at least through Wednesday of next week, tonight there is an emphasis on the youth of the area.  God is soon coming and He’s making the final arrangements now preparing His Glorious Church!  Pastor Wayne

4/27/09- God is GOOD!  What a time we’ve had at our monthy nursing home outreach ministry the last two months.  Yesterday we had a good time and all of Heaven was rejoicing when a man in a wheel chair got gloriously Born Again.  At the end of the service he said “Preacher, I don’t want to go to hell and I want to make sure I’m saved”  After telling him what the BIBLE says, HE PRAYED, REPENTED OF SIN, AND ACCEPTED THE LORD JESUS CHRIST INTO HIS HEART BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH!!!  GLORY TO GOD, THAT MAKES 3 PEOPLE IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS GOD HAS SAVED IN THIS IMPORTANT OUTREACH MINISTRY OF OUR CHURCH.  I SAY GLORY TO HIS NAME…PRAY FOR THIS MINISTRY!!     Pastor Wayne

4/20/2009- Thank God HE’S Alive!  We had a packed house for Easter, however, several lost folk left as they came, still unbelivers!  It breaks our heart to see men and women love the pleasures of sin, rather than lovers of GOD.  Help us pray for these folk that God would help them and save them before it’s eternally too late.  We were blessed to have the Kinney Family with us last night in the meeting as we met to worship, thank GOD for some people who live what they sing!!!  God moved in the service and we give HIM all the GLORY!   Pray for us and keep looking up, our Redemption draweth nigh!!!  Pastor Wayne 

4/3/2009- As we conclude the youth revival tonight, all I can say is, I HAVE BEEN BLESSED & GOD’S BEEN GOOD!!  Wednesday night Bro Keith Russell preached on Aaron’s Rod, wow, I’d never saw it like he preached it what a blessing. God really moved in hearts, wanting to grow closer with GOD.  Several after the service took stuff (Dean Koonce novels, Steven King books, Movies, Country Music CD’s, skoal, copenhagen, & a NIV bible) to the “Ol BURN BARREL” and got rid of them for God’s Glory. I SAY GLORY TO GOD FOR THOSE DRAWING CLOSER TO GOD, TRUSTING HIS PROMISE IN JAMES 4:8, THAT HE’D DRAW NIGH TO US!!!  Last night (Thursday) to an almost full house, Bro Randy Metcalf preached a Glorious messege encouraging us Christians to “DARE TO DREAM” about Joseph the Dreamer.  It was great and some people were in the alter getting their “Dreams” back.  God really moved in the service and helped hearts.  I can’t wait to see how the meeting closes tonight (unless GOD say’s keep going & we will) with Bro Jimmy Cox (Pastor of New Freedom BC, where it all started 13 weeks ago) preaches God’s Word.  Pray for the meeting and come if you can to see what GOD’s going to do tonight!!!   Pastor Wayne

4/1/2009- Thank God for the preaching of GOD’S precious word that was preached during these nights of revival.  Bro Josh Calvert (pastor of Big Meadows BC, Newland, NC) preached last night on the thought “Jesus Knows Me, This I Love” thank God for what was done in the service last night.  There were some people after service putting some things in the BURN BARREL getting rid of some ungodly things in their lives.  I say GLORY TO GOD!!  I’m glad Jesus Knows me!!  Serveral people were in the alter & serveral others lifting their hand needing prayer.  Please continue to pray for the meeting & bring yourself and others this week.  May the Lord Bless you & as you serve HIM.   Pastor, Wayne

3/31/2009- Revival Continued last night at Pilgrims Way.  The house of the Lord was full again and the God of Heaven showed up, to whom we’re most grateful.  Bro Kevin Smith (our Missionary) preached a powerful message entitled “A Man God Uses” out of 1Kings 17.  Thank God the alter was full again and several people got help from the Lord.  Revival continues this week come if you can, and get help from the Lord.  Pastor Wayne

3/30/2009- Where do I begin? BLESS THE LORD, OH BLESS THE LORD, WELL BLESS HIS HOLY NAME! Today March 30 is my Spirtual Birthday 12yrs ago on Easter Sunday morning, God Saved me by HIS marveleous grace, what a change HE made in me, calling me to preach is just one of the many blessings GOD has blessed me with.  Well, TONIGHT we at Pilgrims Way will continue in Revival Services M-F of this week.  There have been 15 people since Friday Night, including a preachers wife, a different preachers son, a deacons daughter, and 10 others under the age of 18, I SAY GLORY! Come if you can we’d love to have you, if not pray for the meeting.   I”M HIS, Pastor Wayne


3/27/2009- Thank the Lord for a Great meeting last night in Revival.  There were many young people there approximately 50/60 under the age of 18, What a blessing.  Bro Nathaniel Lancaster (17 yrs old) preached first and what a great message on “When I See the Blood” out of Ex.11.  Then Bro. Bryan Ezell of Broad River Baptist Church preached the second message on “God’s G.P.S. System” both were a great blessing on inspired by the Holy Ghost.  Please pray for the meeting as there were approximately 150people there and I’m sure several lost.  The Lancaster Family & the Broad River Trio sang for us in the special singing.  Please come if not pray for the meeting.  Our Young People need GOD in these last Days!    See You Tonight.          Pastor Wayne

3/26/09- YOUTH REVIVAL 2009 IS OFFICALLY UNDERWAY!!!  Bro Paul Edwards (Landrum,SC) kicked off our meeting tonight with a powerful message entitled “GLORY DAYS”.  My, My how we need the Glory of God during these days were living in.  Please PRAY for the meeting and come if you can.  For some, this is just a continuation of the last 12wks of Revival that started at New Freedom BC, then to Landrum Independant BC, then ended up last night at Stateline BC, thank GOD for the moving of GOD during these days.  Lets NOT take it for granted.  Hope to see you all in the meeting at Pilgrims Way.    Pastor, Wayne

3/16/2009- WELL GLORY!! Thank God for meeting with us yesterday at Pilgrims Way.  Thank God for helping us preach HIS PRECIOUS WORD.  I give Glory to God, the Lord for calling a 49yr old, S.S. Teacher, choir director, & former deacon to preach the Word of God last night!!!  You please pray for Bro. Frank Ensley & the other 3 young preachers in the church that God would use them for HIS GLORY!!  It was good to be in the HOUSE OF GOD yesterday!!   Pastor Wayne 

3/14/2009- Thanks be unto God which Giveth us the Victory through our LORD JESUS CHRIST! Over at Stateline Baptist Church they are continuing their second week of revival and next week Mar. 16-20 they are focused on teens & young people, evangelist David Bane will be doing the preaching.  Please come to this meeting if not please pray that God would help our youth during these days. GOD really showed up there this week and 2 precious souls were saved.  Come if you can & may God Bless You.  Pastor Wayne

2/16/2009- Brother Shane Jackson & the folks at Landrum Independent B.C. in Landrum, SC are continuing there second week of revival this week. (Bro Matthew Morgan is preaching) There has been several saved and one called to preach this past week, Praise God!  There’s no telling what God is going to do I’d get in on the meeting if you can. God is doing great and mighty things during these days!  Pastor, Wayne

2/14/2009- WOW 6 Weeks of REVIVAL!!!  The Meetings at New Freedom ended last night but the TRUE SPIRIT OF REVIVAL WILL NOT END!!!!  Praise God for the obedience of Pastor Jimmy Cox and the people of New Freedom for making us and God as welcome as possible.  May God Bless You!  Thank GOD for  what HE’S done in our hearts during this meeting, It will never be forgotten!!  Pastor, Wayne 

1/26/2009- Wow what a time we had in the House of God on yesterday!  We had 4 to get saved by the good grace of God!!  We didn’t leave until 2pm people have been getting help from the Lord and it truly was a blessing to see folks seeking after God with their whole heart.  That makes about 6 in the last week and a half.  Praise God! Then again last night, God blowed by again and several people were filled with the Spirit of God, and 2 young men surrendered the call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ!!  My, My, What a Joy to Serve my Jesus!!!   Please continue to pray for us that we’d continue praying and the revival fires would continue to ingnite our hearts for the Glory of God…..Pastor Wayne

1/26/2009- Just wanted to inform everyone that Revival at New Freedom will go into it’s 4th Week!!  Several were saved last week and another young man surrendered to preach.  Please pray for this meeting and for their pastor Jimmy Cox as he follows the Lord concerning this meeting!  Cannot wait to see what God is going to do next.  I’m looking forward to meeting this week come if you can if not pray that the God of Heaven would do it again!!  Bro. Wayne

1/22/2009- Thank GOD for Revival Meeting!  Revival is in the middle of the 3rd week!!  The Lord continues to bless His people and bring sinners into the fold.  There have been many saved and many more helped!  Please continue to come or pray, whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing it!!!  This is what our homes, churches, and country needs.  May God Continue to Bless this meeting.  Bro. Wayne

1/15/2009- Well the new year is off to a great start, we have had the priviledge to be in revival meeting at the New Freedom BC in Green Creek, NC where Bro Jimmy Cox is the Pastor.  Revival is in it’s 2nd week and the Lord continues to bless his people & save sinners!  There has been several saved and born again during the last two weeks.  As this second week continues please pray for the men of God that are scheduled to preach that God would move and have HIS way in hearts and lives.  Please come if you can and if you need directions or info please call Bro Jimmy (828) 817-4420, if you cannot come please PRAY THAT GOD WILL CONTINUE TO SEND AMERICA’S ONLY HOPE, THE SWEET HOLY GHOST TO FILL OUR HEARTS AND LIVES THAT WE’D BE THE MEN & WOMEN OF GOD WE SHOULD! God Bless, Bro. Wayne

01/05/2009- Happy New Year and May God Bless each one of you all.  We give thanks to God for all His many blessings during 2008, and were excited about what God is going to do for us in 2009!   Our desire at Pilgrims Way for 2009 is that we’d be obedient to the Lord’s command in Matt. 5:16 by letting our light SHINE in ’09!!  Pray for us and may God clothe you in  His Righteousness.           Pastor Wayne Stafford

12/08/08                                                                                                                                         Thank God for a wonderful Revival!!  What a blessing each night was to our hearts.  Many hearts were thrilled, filled, changed, and most importantly souls were saved.  I Praise God for the men of God who preached the Truth in these latter days!  Also, the good soul stirring singing thrilled our hearts and paved the way for the preaching of God’s Holy Word!  My, My, My what a JOY to serve my Jesus!  Be looking for the Revival messages and some of the singing to be on the Website soon! Some pictures are already posted, thanks and enjoy.                                                                                   May God Keep the Revival Fires Burning is Our Plea!!                                                                        Pastor, Wayne Stafford.