Our Missionaries

Bro Chris Rogers & Family Missionaries to Santa Fe, NM
Missionary Pastor Chris Rogers
Bro. Kevin & Natara Smith- Missionaries to St. Lawrance Island, Alaska
Bro Kevin & Natara Smith

Bro Kevin & Natara Smith


Bro Jed Resurreccion & Family- Missionary To The Philippines

Bro Jed Resurreccion & Family

Rock of Ages Missionary, Bro. Rick Hurley & Wife Angela
Evangelist Bro. Randy Bane
Trumpeting Noble Truth Ministries, Zirconia, NC

Evangelist Bro. David Bane & wife Lydia

David & Lydia Bane, Missions Evangelism

Missionary Fernan Cruz to the Philippines

Military Bible Missions- Pastor Shane Jackson of Landrum Independant BCGetting KJV Bibles to All Military Personal

KJV Military Bible Project
Evangelist Dr. Mike Bagwell, of Tunnel Hill, GA

Missionary David Youngblood to the remote villages of Alaska

Missionary Evangelist Brian Coates & Family

Bro Brian Coates & Family

The Grace of God Rescue Mission, Forest City, NC

Grace of God Rescue Mission

Pastor Frank Ensley, Village Chapel in Forest City, NC   *Pic coming soon


*OTHER MINISTRIES WITHIN CHURCH…Bus Ministry, Rutherford Co. Jail Ministry, Spindale Dept of Corrections Facility, Monthly Rest Home Ministry, Hospice of Rutherford Co, & Hands of Hope for Life